About Us


Shehzadizevar is an online bijoux shop that Ali Iqbal founded in May 2022 that focuses on offering unique, handmade, and customized Jewelry and accessories that makes our customers feel classy.

After unsuccessfully looking for high-quality, reasonably priced jewelry, Ali founded the company to offer the best-crafted jewelry possible at prices that fit each customer's budget.

At Shehzadizevar, we are one of a kind online shop that offers authentic handmade jewelry and accessories for confident and stylish people.

Through our website, we offer handcrafted jewelry made with passion and use the latest designs to make them feel really classy and look stunning. We offer a variety of handmade jewelry ranging from; Tiara Diadem, wedding bouquet, bangles, bracelets, pendant necklaces, and many more that makes our client feel part and parcel of our shop’s operations.

We have carved out a niche in the market as one of the leading stakeholders in the industry by paying close attention to consumer needs.

We take pride in producing world-class handmade jewelry products that exceed our customers' expectations.

At Shehzadizevar, we are passionate about promoting beauty and bringing happiness to your day-to-day lives, we thus strongly believe that when you purchase an item from us, "You aren't just buying a piece of jewelry, you're purchasing a tool that will improve your lifestyle, and therefore it will impact your everyday life positively".


We have a large collection of beautiful handmade Brooches


Bracelets for Men in solid handmade quality 















Our huge collection of Tiara Diadem